Teaching videos from https://www.wendymannequip.com/onlinecourse 2020/21

In this short video, I talk about some of the ways the Holy Spirit might get our attention as we are going about our day and a few ways to start a conversation with people we meet. I hope it encourages you and remember we are all on a journey of learning to live this way


Some of my thoughts, tips, and stories when prophesying over strangers. I hope you find it helpful


Here’s a short video that I hope will encourage you when praying for healing,  Despite the lockdown, I am believing God will open doors of opportunity for us! I hope it helps you and I look forward to hearing some of your stories.


Photos and videos from the Costa Healing Cafe we ran 2018-2020

One of the things we loved to do was to ask God to speak to us about people who came in. People came in for a coffee but it was our prayer that they would leave with much more than that. It was a beautiful moment when one of our team asked a guy if he was into skateboarding and he was, and was completely shocked and taken aback, asking how they knew that information. Wow! Jesus loves to make himself known! He knows us intimately and is pursuing every single one of us!

We loved blessing the staff and at Christmas,
we bought them all gifts


The staff sometimes blessed us with drinks too…

Some of our wonderful team sharing what happened at the end of the afternoon. The smiles say it all. What an amazing time. Pain left. Tears flowed. Friendships were made. It is SUCH a privilege to spend time with people and see the ways God pours his love out. Healing is what he loves to do

Another wonderful afternoon at Costa where we got to meet this lovely man and his family. Check out this video of what Jesus did. Havira had tripped and sprained his ankle. He came in walking on crutches and left without needing to use them! Jesus is very kind

We prayed for this lady who had broken her back 23 years ago following a fall. She had experienced healing over the years but was still left with arthritis in her knee and hip. After prayer today she left pain-free and without her crutch. This was her below sharing what happened after we prayed for her.  https://fb.watch/dXQbkoGvJq/

It’s always such a privilege who we get to meet and pray with in Costa.
We got to pray with a lady who was diabetic, nearly blind, and stuck in a wheelchair following a spinal infection. Recently widowed after 50 years of marriage, this courageous lady who’d bungee jumped and skydived in her mid-fifties asked if we’d pray for her. As we prayed she told us she felt heat, tingling, and pins & needles in her legs that had previously been numb. Clearly,  Jesus was doing something wonderful. We then got to talk to her about Jesus.
When we share stories of what Jesus has done before we believe he wants to do the same again.
Check out this video of a lady talking about what Jesus did for her. she had been having steroid injections in her foot and was struggling to walk when she came in but left smiling, without pain and any strapping. He is so kind!
Sometimes people ask if we are healers. We are not… but Jesus is! We are simply being obedient to Jesus who said to both proclaim and demonstrate the gospel.