Go: Everyday Stories of Stopping to Love

“Far from the guilt – and performance-driven books on evangelism, Claire Coggan’s book,  Go: Everyday Stories of Stopping to Love:  is a clear call to sons and daughters of God to join in his redeeming of this world. Filled with insightful wisdom and faith-filled testimonies, this book will ignite a fresh fire and activate you in a love-based, evangelism that is not only changing the town Claire lives in but is changing the world. Claire makes it easy for our ordinary, everyday life to become charged with heaven’s possibility! This book has unlocked in me again the wonder of salvation” Julian Adams, Director of Frequentsee and author of Amplify: Refining Your Prophetic Gift and Kiss of the Father

“So many great real-life transforming stories and clear principles and inspiration for living a supernatural everyday life. I was greatly impacted personally by Claire’s love for people and her humility” Gill Cronau, author of The Mercy Seat

“In her book Claire beautifully and authentically shares her journey of learning how to introduce people to Jesus by expressing his love and his Kingdom to those she encounters on a daily basis, whether in a coffee shop, at work, or in a supermarket. Through the many stories shared Claire expresses a very different approach to evangelism simply by asking God, “Who do you want me to show your love to today?” The book is provoking, challenging, and life-changing for the reader as it will tug at your heart a deeper desire to express greater compassion and God’s presence to those you encounter daily” Karen Kircher, Director of Leading Leaders Ltd and author of Called to Influence: How to Become a Kingdom-Style Leader in Your Workplace

“Claire lives what she has written, which means that each chapter is not just words on a page. Rather this book carries with it an anointing to inspire faith and impart courage to all who read it. It’s time to rediscover the joy of the great commission. Will you go?” Wendy Mann, International speaker and author of Naturally Supernatural and Leading as Sons and Daughters

  Other recommended books

The Mercy Seat by Gill Cronau

It is my pleasure to recommend The Mercy Seat to you. Gill is a GP and an inspiring example to me of what it looks like to partner with the Holy Spirit in the workplace. Reading these stories I was deeply moved by God’s love and compassion for those who are hurting and broken and I was reminded afresh how they represent the Father’s heart of love for each one of us. I encourage you to read this book and whatever your sphere of influence is to allow these stories to release faith in you for what is possible as you partner with the King of heaven.

   Naturally Supernatural…the normal Christian life by Wendy Mann

The supernatural life that Jesus modelled is not reserved for a few ‘superstar’ Christians; it is meant to be the normal life for every believer. All Christians are called and equipped by God to see His Kingdom break-in as part of their day-to-day life. Wherever they go, they can see people’s lives transformed as they demonstrate God’s love outside the four walls of the church. This book unpacks over ten years of Wendy Mann’s journey of learning how to live a naturally supernatural life. It is full of faith-building stories, inspiring insights, and practical tools that she and her church community, King’s Arms Church, Bedford, are learning along the way.