Evangelism Huddle

‘Beyond the Walls’ is a 6 session course based around the content of my book,  Go: Everyday Stories of Stopping to Love: The aim of the course is to encourage, equip and empower you to share the Father’s heart with people you meet and to carry an expectation for His Kingdom to come.

Beyond the walls of the church, whether at work, at the shops, having our hair cut, sitting in a coffee shop, or just out on a walk, the Father has people for us to meet and share his love with if we will say yes to him. This is the commission Jesus gave to his disciples and now to us too; to proclaim and demonstrate the gospel wherever we go.

Here’s what others have said…

Ben from Bedford Doing this group was such an encouragement to me. I grew in faith and confidence and expectation. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who wants to see more of God’s Kingdom coming around them. You will be inspired and equipped and loved.”  

Jo from Peterborough “If you are passionate about seeing the Kingdom break out in your everyday life then “Beyond the Walls’ is a great place to be equipped and encouraged. The size of the group is small and intimate and so sharing stories and practicing prophesying over each didn’t feel intimidating. There are activations that involve stepping out of your comfort zone and there is a What’s App group for sharing stories and encouraging each other: I found this to be one of the best aspects of the group.” 

Doro from Hannover Germany “I felt really supported by the group on What’s App. We shared testimonies and encouraged and cheered each other on to step out. Gill and Claire modelled honour and trust and the way they led us, prayed for us, and spoke into our lives was really inspiring. I would do the course again any time” 

Here’s a story from Jo from Peterborough...

“I was in a superstore buying some makeup and I built up a rapport with the assistant who shared stories of her previous work and employment with me.  She was a very experienced lady who had a real love of people and excellent customer service.  I told her this as I wanted to call out the gold in her just like her Heavenly Father would.  Our conversation developed and she told me she was due to have a surgical procedure in the near future and had recently felt some anxiety which was unusual for her.  I knew that the Holy Spirit wanted to minister to her so I told her I was a Christian and asked if I could pray.  She was very grateful and agreed and in the middle of the store, we held hands and prayed. It was beautiful and she told me that she felt something come from me which I was able to tell her was the Holy Spirit. What I love most about stepping out is that it is very easy to believe the lie that nobody wants to hear about what God wants to say to them or receive prayer but I find that most of the time they really do. It’s an exciting way to live looking out for opportunities to partner with the Holy Spirit each day.”

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