Audacious trust in Jesus

I’m currently reading the book ‘Light through the cracks’ by Joanna Watson which recounts ten true stories of miracles where God broke in and turned things around. A man who survived a 100mph head-on collision and a bleed on the brain wakes up for the first time and the author writes…’ It’s as if the plug has been pulled over the past month. All the intense uncertainty, the unspoken fears, the endless waiting, the unceasing prayer cover, the audacious trust in Jesus. All of it’s been released’

It was the phrase ‘audacious trust in Jesus’ that jumped out at me. Audacious means bold, daring, or fearless which isn’t always how we feel when we are faced with impossible situations. Instead, we feel a whole range of emotions and fears. Yet that is how Jesus wants us to approach him. In the face of the impossible or ‘not yet’ he invites us to pray with audacity because we know who God is and how good he is. The enemy will do everything to discourage us on the journey the reason being that he too knows who God is and how good he is!

If you are waiting for a miracle either for yourself or someone else, I want to encourage you today to pray and not give up however long it has been. Pray his promises audaciously and pray with others too. I have a group of faith-filled prayer warriors who I know will join me when I ask them. Last September our grandson had a trampoline accident and broke two bones in his neck. He had to wear an uncomfortable brace for many months and go through two surgeries, but I know the prayers I and my friends and many others prayed made a difference. One of the surgeries ended up being a lot shorter and less invasive than expected and as my son and daughter-in-law returned to the hospital room they looked out of the window and saw a rainbow! Also, where at first our grandson had been told, he would never return to gymnastics that now seems to have been reversed.

Reading this book of stories has refueled in me an intent to keep praying as Paul says in 1 Thessalonians 5, ‘to pray without ceasing’ Let’s pray with an audacious trust in Jesus because whatever the outcome we know the end of the story!

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